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['St Jerome' after D&uaml;rer]

[St Jerome after Albrecht Dürer, AD 1514]

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1: Introduction and Background

Chapter 1: Introduction. (index.php, 60K)
Contents: What this site is about; the history of objections; collation and synthesis; the starting premise of this text; who I am, why I wrote this text; accolades; file hits.

Chapter 2: A Synopsis. (syn.php, 63K)
Contents: A synopsis of the website; verification of notions by others; items completely missed by other researchers.

Chapter 3: The Osiris Mystery. (intro.php, 71K)
Contents: The Osiris mystery; David Talbott's "Saturn Theory"; Wal Thornhill's plasma connection; the combined model and objections.

Chapter 4: The Nevada Conference. (nevada.php, 49K)
Contents: The Nevada Conference; a comet's path; ice cover; seasonal plants; periodic extinctions; a new set of postulates.

Chapter 5: The Absu and Speculation. (cos.php, 67K)
Contents: The equatorial rings detailed; methods of forming postulates; accusations of speculation; Peratt's wrench in the works.

Chapter 6: Alternate Cosmology. (planets.php, 61K)
Contents: The standard and some alternative cosmologies; Saturn as a misfit in the Solar System; life on Earth.

2: Established Archaeology

Chapter 7: Ice Ages and Humans. (ice.php, 70K)
Contents: Recent glaciations; Homo erectus; the Acheulean Handaxe; Homo sapiens.

Chapter 8: Tunguska and Chicxulub. (tung.php, 128K)
Contents: preliminary planet interactions; stratospheric dust; Tunguska; Chicxulub; Grand Canyon; a Great Lakes atomic detonation.

Chapter 9: Event of the Younger Dryas. (dryas.php, 130K)
Contents: Firestone's paper of 2007; the Laurentide Ice Sheet; a likely sequence of events; the Great Lakes; the Carolina Bays.

Chapter 10: The Peratt Column. (peratt.php, 105K)
Contents: The Peratt Column; the Opossum; Nazca lines; Ley lines; Job; Carnac; Manu; Lepenski Vir; Sheela Na Gigs; Mari; Neith; Oannes; Kojiki; Cerberus.

Chapter 11: A Timeline and Gimbutas. (gim.php, 84K)
Contents: Earth placed below Saturn; the Hypsithermal; the Saturnian planet stack, a time line, Marija Gimbutas and Neolithic figurines.

Chapter 12: Saturn and Archaeology. (arch.php, 91K)
Contents: Revisiting the Acheulean Hand Axe; the caves of Lascaux and others; Catal Hoyuk transitional period.

3: Mythology and Remote Antiquity

Chapter 13: The Creation. (polar.php, 99K)
Contents: Starting from Chaos; an unexpected flood; the egg; creation; the eye of Ra; petroglyphs; the city on the horizon.

Chapter 14: The Start of Time. (time.php, 62K)
Contents: The God visits Earth; the start of time; the first land; Horus the Hawk; gifts of the Gods; living in paradise.

Chapter 15: The Era of the Gods. (gil.php, 107K)
Contents: The King list; dating the Age of the Gods; barrows, henges, temple platforms.

Chapter 16: The World Flood. (flood.php, 84K)
Contents: The worldwide flood of 3147 BC; the battle of the Gods; the Absu.

Chapter 17: The Gods Leave. (leave.php, 62K)
Contents: The Gods leave; return of the Axis Mundi; a new era.

Chapter 18: Pyramids and Henges. (oldk.php, 122K)
Contents: Horus on his mountain; the Palermo Stone; the pyramids; barrows after 3100 BC, henges after 3100 BC.

4: Narratives of Ancient History

Chapter 19: The Midnight Sun. (sun.php, 104K)
Contents: The Midnight Sun; histories; something is missing; developing consciousness; the flood of Noah.

Chapter 20: The Flood of Noah. (noah.php, 123K)
Contents: The flood of Noah reconsidered; the fall of the Absu; a flood from the Sky; the Moon on fire; the extinction of Jupiter.

Chapter 21: Day of the Dead. (jup.php, 162K)
Contents: Blood and alcohol; the ten suns; Day of the Dead; Tower of Babel; Return of Mars; Sodom and Gomorrah.

Chapter 22: The Exodus of Moses. (moses.php, 145K)
Contents: The terror of Venus; Moses and Yahweh; the Ark; the psychosis of Yahweh; Joshua.

5: The Start of Modern History

Chapter 23: Destructions by Mars. (quet.php, 138K)
Contents: Destructions by Mars; calendar reforms; a blast from heaven.

Chapter 24: The Tablets of Ammizaduga. (bolt.php, 107K)
Contents: The Tablets of Ammizaduga; the bolt from Jupiter; the fall of Phaethon; the twins.

Chapter 25: The Hour of Phaethon. (hist.php 110K)
Contents: Dating the thunderbolt of Phaethon; the start of history; the sky in disarray; change in the equinox.

Chapter 26: Hezekiah and Babylon. (star.php, 133K)
Contents: The star in the crescent; Hezekiah, Babylon; philosophy, religion, science; the presence of God.

Chapter 27: The Sibylline Star Wars. (sib.php, 76K)
Contents: The Great Year, new locations of the stars; Nonnos; two meteors; Denderah.

6: The Parallel Mesoamerican Record

Chapter 28: Language and Causality. (lang.php, 137K)
Contents: Consciousness; languages; becoming human; boat people; children.

Chapter 29: The Maya Calendar. (maya.php, 76K)
Contents: The beginning of time; the first calendar; Tzolkin; Haab; Long Count; Katun Cycle, four ages.

Chapter 30: The Chilam Balam Books. (chil.php, 230K)
Contents: The Katun cycle, the Thirteen, the Nine; Nine Lives; 2349 BC; the burning tower; 8th century; Katun 3-Ahau; Nine Fragrances.

7: Long Range Mesoamerican Astronomy

Chapter 31: The Olmec Record of the Past. (rec.php, 144K)
Contents: A 40,000 year record; the three-cornered stone; the endless nights; God wakes up; survey of the world; the Third Creation.

Chapter 32: Olmec Site Alignments. (olmec.php, 160K)
Contents: A crisis with the Sun; Izapa; Edzna; San Lorenzo; La Venta; Teotihuacan; Monte Alban; Pleiades.

Chapter 33: The Day of Kan. (kan.php, 106K)
Contents: The Day of Kan; the course of the "may"; the third conquest; summary.

Chapter 34: The Popol Vuh. (popol.php, 152K)
Contents: Northern Gods, southern Gods; Seven Macaw; Zipacna and Earthquake; Hunahpu and Xbalanque; the ballgame in Xibalba; Tulan.

Appendixes logo

Appendix A: Notes on Chronology. (chron.php, 173K)
Contents: Sources for dates of the King lists; parallel chronologies; calendars; Carbon-14 dating; Precambrian.

Appendix B: The Celestial Mechanics. (mech.php, 190K)
Contents: Asteroid belt; outer orbits, inner orbits; plasma interactions; 52-year cycle of Venus; close encounters of Mars.

Appendix C: Mesoamerican Site Alignments. (align.php, 92K)
This is the file of alignment calculations referenced in Chapter 32, "Olmec Site Alignments" above.

Appendix D: Change in the Axis. (axis.php, 35K)
Contents: A 25-degree inclination; megalithic construction in response to disturbances in 2000 BC by Mars.

Appendix E: Polar Relocations. (flip.php, 62K)
Contents: The source of the problem; Earth as a gyroscope; flipping the pole; frozen mammoths; other polar relocations.

Appendix F: The Palette of Narmer. (narmer.php, 34K)
Contents: Reading the Egyptian Palette of Narmer.

Appendix G: Deep Impact. (deep.php, 32K)
Comet Tempel 1; Deep Impact; predictions; the fireworks; the aftershocks; weeks later; months later; years later.

Appendix H: Other Cosmologies. (other.php, 57K)
Sitchin; Patten and Windsor; Ackerman; Clube and Napier.

Appendix I: The Canopus Decree. (can.php, 31K)
Contents: The Canopus Decree; Sothic dating; Venus rising; Sirius rising; implications; further notes.

Appendix J: Expanding Earth. (exp.php, 16K)
Contents: Pterodactyls; expansion; S. Warren Carey; questions.

Appendix K: Venus and Epidemics. (epi.php, 18K)
Contents: Spanish flu; Lockyer Observatory; diseases from space.

Appendix L: Long-Range Chronology. (long.php, 17K)
Contents: From 4.6 billion years ago.

Appendix M: The Red Sirius. (sir.php, 16K)
Contents: Ptolemy; the Maya; Gregory of Tours; Al-Sufi; Sima Qian and Yu Ji-cai.

Appendix N: Age of the Universe. (age.php, 6K)
Contents: The Milky Way; the local group; the Virgo supercluster; the visible universe.

Appendix O: List of Books. (books.php, 47K)
Contents: Relevant books on allied topics.

Appendix P: List of Links. (links.php, 16K)
Links pertaining to the Saturnian theories.

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