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Recovering the Lost World,
A Saturnian Cosmology -- Jno Cook
Appendix P: Links to Saturnian Web Sites.

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A List of Links

Ralph Juergens "Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism" Pensee (1972). Find some additional articles at the kronos-press site, below. See also the two articles on "the Moon and Mars," part 1 and part 2 at [saturniancosmology.org/juergensa.htm] and [saturniancosmology.org/juergensb.htm]
Kronos Press -- Books; and a number of articles by Ralph Juergens originally published in Kronos Magazine (and Pensee). Index to the writings of Velikovsky.
Alfred and Anne-Marie de Grazia's Q-magazine site: Quantavolution presented as an on-line magazine. Numerous news articles and presentations, plus five years' worth of European conferences.
A narrative description, including some catastrophism and mythology. A very extensive site, written in a summary, easy to read, style. The mythology follows Dave Talbott closely.
Another site equal in scope and general interest, run by David Smith, AU. See especially his Columbia Disaster notes at [www.columbiadisaster.info].
A very readable overview of cosmology and plasma theory which generally cuts across the handed-down "science" to zero-in on essentials. By Michael Suede.
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) site. The classic site for continued attempts at straightening out the chronology of the Middle East which was first questioned by Velikovsky in the 50s and 60s. Also largely concerned with catastrophism, but almost entirely based on fugitive comets.
An extensive collection on plasma theory, developed and maintained as a Wiki site by Ian Tresman of Society for Interdisciplinary Studies.
Holoscience, Wal Thornhill's "Electric Universe" site. Plasma theories at planetary and galactic levels and experimental work applied to the Saturnian Theory. Working in concert with Talbott (see "Thunderbolts" below).
The parent site to the current endeavors of Dave Talbott and friends. A "picture of the day" feature which always amazes, plus an archive, and collected essays by other people. Promos for recent books and book series. Videos are also available on line (plus DVDs for sale). Connection to a wide-ranging forum on matters of "plasma and electricity in space."
The "Velikovsky Encyclopedia" is a recent endeavor (2009) to provide resources related to the writings and ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky -- under the unique premise that both sides of the "controversy" could be presented (which in effect will go to prove Velikovsky's case). The authors and archivists write under a thin veneer of anonymity. An interesting tangle of pros and cons.
Aeon (magazine) site. A promotion of the Saturn Theory; started by David Talbott. Editors: Ev Cochrane and Dwardu Cardona. Cardona is an imaginative and convincing writer. Cochrane is a tireless researcher. This site periodically disappears off the map. Standing still since 2005.
This is a collection of essays and shorter snippets mostly by others for and against alternative cosmologies. Some have no common link except as speculation. Some weird things are just outrageously funny.
Thoth Newsletter from the Kronia Magazine site -- what was a standard in promoting the Saturnian Polar Configuration. Kronia.com was discontinued 3/2010. But the complete set of the Internet publication "Thoth" can be retrieved from here (there are two other locations).
A listing of books in catastrophism and alternative cosmologies, and some reviews.
Don Scott's great explanation of plasma theories. An electrical engineer, avid astronomer, and supporter of Saturnian Theory. The link above connects to an earlier version of his book "The Electric Sky" (2006). Try also [www.electric-cosmos.org/index.htm]
Michael Armstrong's clearinghouse for books on the Polar Configuration and Velikovskian matters, and "Products supporting Prehistoric Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology," including used books. A valuable resource.
[www.velikovskian.com] [Japanese script, hijacked 11/2014]
A journal of work stemming from the research of Velikovsky. Offers a number of books also. Charles Ginenthal (ed.), Lynn E. Rose, Gunnar Heinsohn, others. Has been standing still for a couple of years.
A site featuring the books of Ginenthal in pdf format, including all four issues of Pillars of the Past.
Tom Van Flandern, of Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets (1999) fame. Van Flandern is an astronomer, with interesting theories on planet formation, and other topics approaching the catastrophic from a mechanical (gravitational) point of view. He is also the top theorist in gravitational matters.
Galactic red-shift and recession. See the book list.
"Strange Science, Bizarre Biophysics, Anomalous Astronomy" -- from the pages of the world's scientific journals -- always interesting reading.
Ev Cochrane's website (editor at Aeon). Includes some of his outstanding articles.
Actually a CDROM offering of past literature on the subject.
Material by Anthony Peratt of Experimental Programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Peratt is one of the world's leading pioneers in plasma physics and plasma cosmology. Peratt's papers on the petroglyphs and the south polar plasma column are located here at this site, but hard to ferret out.
Look under NearEarth.html for
- A. L. Peratt, Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity
- A.L. Peratt, J. McGovern, A.H. Qöyawayma, M.A. Van der Sluijs, and M.G. Peratt, Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity, Part II: Directionality and Source.
Electric Universe -- another view. Site of Hungarian physicist Laszlo Koertvelyessy.
The Velikovsky archive of unpublished documents by Jan Sammer.
A site of L.C. Geerts which includes a great number of Sumerian and Akkadian source documents. Geerts follows Sitchin.
Marinus van der Sluijs's Mythopedia -- originally based entirely on the image and story evidence of a Polar Configuration, but now given over to an auroral plasma to explain all celestial phenomena of remote antiquity. Very professional, very verbose, and very wrong. It is a book (or books) in progress.
Ted Holden's site discusses the improbability of dinosaurs being able to move and live with the gravity we experience today. Nice article on the flight capabilities of prehistoric birds. Large collection of other source material. A few political items.
Alfred de Grazia's writings. Everything is in pdf as complete books. Chaos and Creation sort of parallels these pages, except for its Young Earth basis. Totally engaging, is God's Fire. This is the story of Moses and the Exodus (1500 BC). Among other things, de Grazia reviews works by every biographer of Moses since antiquity, the operation of the Ark, the organization of the camps, the details of the whole migration, the electrical tricks of Moses, his interaction with Yahweh, and the character and psychology of Moses. See the Appendix "List of Books" for more.
by Dennis Cox: "Recent impact evidence in the Americas. Extensive, map-based graphics." Molten mountaintops and ridges: Cox has investigated altered landforms, attributed by him to the event at the start of the Younger Dryas. Cox accidentally adds burn marks due to Mars in the 8th and 7th century BC in northern Mexico. See also [https://cometstorm.wordpress.com]
Michael Steinbacher, a photographer, has been investigating the western landscape for a number of years in light of the alternative cosmology of the Electric Universe. Steinbacher sees things we do not see.
[Link dead 8/2014, but try Amazon) Emmet John Sweeney is author of some eight books on alternative cosmological detail, mainly based on Velikovsky and Gunner Heinsohn. Sweeney takes exception to both. See especially the four book series "Ages in Alignment" which proposes a world history not unlike this one. Sweeney proposes that an initial contact with Venus produced the world flood. He also places most dates much later.
Donald W. Patten and Samuel R. Windsor, authors of The Mars-Earth Wars (1996), which may be found here. This is a well-written piece about the intersection of the orbit of Earth and Mars through the 8th and 7th century BC. The authors are physical scientist and engineers, making their theories much more believable.
John Ackerman, Firmament: Recent Catastrophic History of the Earth (1996), Chaos: A New Solar System Paradigm (2000), and Peleh: Hidden Knowledge establishes the repeated meetings of Earth and Mars (and Venus) primarily from Vedic sources. Ackerman is a physicist.
Promotes the book An Ancient World in Chaos (2008) by Gary Gilligan with a dozen synoptic pages from its contents. An analysis of Egyptian iconography, refreshingly direct and unpretentious, which assigns the Gods of Egypt to the known planets and Hathor to an equatorial ring system. I do not agree with his particular assignment of Gods and planets, or the celestial mechanics.
Saturnian Org. Standing still for a decade -- broken links and a few papers posted.
Julian Jaynes society. Additional articles, books.
Philip Burns: Velikovsky, catastrophe, meteors, Venus transits and the flu. Exceptions to Velikovsky and the Saturnian model.
Another site which argues against the Saturnian model. This by the astrophysicist Tim Thompson. Good, except when it is about Tim Thompson.
A starter site by Lawrence Myers based on S. Warren Carey's theory of an expanding Earth. See also the Expanding Earth Theories at [www.xearththeory.com], (and as many debunkings).
The website of Timo Niroma which in the 1990's proposed a detailed overview of the 2349 BC and 2193 BC events. Additionally Timo is credited with some of the earliest investigation of the effect of Jupiter on Sunspot cycles, for which see [personal.inet.fi/tiede/tilmari].

recent additions...

Dennis Moore's site of chipped stone birds found in middle lower Michigan.
John Halloran's in depth site on Sumerian. Great.
Andrew Fitts's site exploring Cultural Amnesia. Extensive, key concepts, and a no-hold-barred FAQ. Supports the reasoning of this site, Saturniancosmology.org ("Recovering the Lost World").
Julian West's site exploring myths. An incomplete chronology, but a great encyclopedia of images from diverse sources. See also [facebook.com/mythsarehistory]
A time line of events by Kim Gibson, presented in graphical form with various features for viewing. And also
A video presentation of the Saturnian system.

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