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Tim Thompson

Years ago I came accross Tim Thompson's website, [www.tim-thompson.com], while looking for information of dating techniques. I found very clear and readable explanations. His interest in presenting this related to his efforts at "Anti Creation-Science Writings." I can't fault this. He writes..

"I write specifically in response to what I consider the recklessly pseudo-scientific notion that the Earth is about 10,000 years old."

"The young-Earth creation scientists insist that valid, bona-fide scientific argument and evidence show that the Earth really is that young. I can think of no more charitable response than to say that it's a really stupid idea."

Thompson also takes up the topic of "Anti Catastrophist Writings," although it is limited to the question of the age of Venus, electric stars (or the Sun), geodynamo theory, and the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram. Interestingly, the arguments under these topics are more subdued, and are also less convincing.

There are other topics, such as the cosmic microwave background, and solar neutrinos, most of which present entirely orthodox views.

And then I looked at the vacation photographs presented at his site.

Thompson writes..

"Scientists are people, but as a group, about as objective and adaptive intellectually as people get."

"We make assertions, we make and test hypotheses, and we respond to criticism."

"Sometimes the response is to correct our own mistaken impressions, and sometimes the response is to realize that we have been wrong even at more fundamental levels."

"Sometimes the response is to realize that a wealth of new insight comes from a seemingly small discovery."

"But most important of all, scientists don't hide what they do."

"We put everything out on the table, in the open, for acceptance or rejection by whoever choses to examine the product."

What is missing here?

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