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Richard's Chronology

(Feb 6 2006, via email)

Dear sir (endearment for the same goal of chronology)

From Rick (my research could become lost should the accuracy of it cause the Resister to seek my End) so i always seek to spred it in hopes that God will insire the one to take over my work:

In hopes that you will allow me to educate you on Genesis evolution here are some brief examples.

The planet Venus has a calendar of 1200 egypitan years (lacking 300 leap days) and it drifts back 60 days which is 2 days per 40 years).

This is equal to 1199 Julian years and 5 days such as July 10 of 1770 BC (the Phoenix firebird from Ash = Venus firebird from Leo-Arcturus = Quetzalcoatl firebird of Leo-BIg Dipper in Adam's year 2256 AM mistaken as the FLOOD star correctly 1656 AM) to July 15 of 1171 BC.

Then 144 years later, Babylon's king Amizaduga used the July Venus of 1626 BC and the Venus of Dec 1625 BC/1624 BC Jan to match the Flood Venus Dec 2370 BC/2369 BC Jan 6 and noted it was 2400 years from Adam 4025 BC.

(He was wrong in the sense that a 1199-year Venus would have been 2 years of Adam 4023 BC. But it suffices to show us where chornology comes from.

With Noah born in 2970 BC the Venus of July 1770 BC is his year 1200 (Adams 2256), and the Venus of July 1626 BC is his year 1344. (Adams 2400) leaving 3600 years to the year 6000 (in 1975, but Venus July 1972 loss of 3 years for 3600).

The Maya mistook 1770 BC as being one man Nimrod and Hamurabi and Amizaduga, and regarded it as Noah's year 1344 but beleived it counted from the Flood and thus 3114 BC as Adam's year 2256 and thus 1770 BC was Adam's year 3600 with only 2400 to the year 6000 when Pacal Shield Votan becomes the king of kings first to rise to heaven and build the new city Palenque for the dead to rise up and live in 630 AD which is 8-year Venus after Moslem 622 AD, whose Adam and Flood also are 8 years earlier than Maya.

The 744 years from 3114-2370-1626 BC is seasonal (720+720+20 = 1460 Julian) (744+744+20 = 1508 Gregorian)

So the Venus of 1626 BC is what the Mayan of 100 BC was based on, not on 3114 BC.

The first emperor of Xia is 2206 BC not 2205 BC, it is the city Ur whose 177 years are 2207-2030 BC, but are dated by Saturnalia crossing star Regulus from May 2206 BC to May 2029 BC when Ur committed May 6 suicide which became Egyptian christmas date Koyak 25.

Greeks later calculate Koyak 25 as Noah's star in 2958 BC Flood and call it December 25.

Herod confirmed his kingship in Rome in 38 BC for the Dec 25 Koyak 25 (twice 1460 years).

The Chinese Flood 2953 BC is 1440 years to the Exodus because they did not realise that 857 years is Sothic. (137+720=857 where 139x360 days = 137 Julian, and 720x 365 = 730x 360 so that 720 sothic Julian are 720.5 egypt or 730.5 sumer.

The calendar of 2637 BC Feb 2 is correctly a scholastic work in Ur on Feb 2 of 2157 BC which did not inaugurate the calendar until Year of Monkey as Maya say the world ended... 2029 BC.

The 19-year moon noted by Moses in the exodus of 1513 BC was not inforced until Joshua died in 1443 BC and continues to this day; (no it was not created by Adam in 3761 BC).

The lunar calendar in force for his 25 years 1468-1443 BC was still egypts 25x365 days = 309 moons.

The Chinese noted that the 75 years of this (3x25) proved the 76 years (4x19 years) to be correct (1513-1437 BC) and this is why their 600 /1200 year for Venus was placed at 2037 BC and 2637 BC.

In 1513 BC Moses only predicted plagues for Egypt and did not predict the global Armageddon on all other nations that the stationary orbit of the comet was causing, including Thera Atlantis and the tsunami flood that hit Greece.

The day KiahTse is the 27th day in the odd months of Noah's calendar.

It was chosen in 2157 BC because the 40th day of Noah's Flood is 3-27-600 on Jan 6 of 2369 BC.

The ten names of the days and years begin with Wu as One and end with Ting as Ten, and they are from before the Flood created in Adam's 40th decade year 390 which is 1266 years before the Flood, 26 sar and 2 ner.

The actual kingship is the 97 sar list which is the same 970 years of Methuselah, but because Larsa became the capital when Enoch was dematerialized 67 sar before the Flood, they have removed 2 kings giving us the 670 year list of 8 kings.

The date Feb 26 as Thoth 1 of 2207 BC which is 1460 years before 747 BC is based on the concept that the 365-day calendar was created before then in 2770 BC July 17.

However, since the calendar was not created until Ur fell in 2030 BC when king Peleg Mesanipada died, and king Unas of Sokkar died, the true kingship date must be Noah's 10-01-764 Feb 28.

Why 10-01? because it is the date Little Ararat was seen July 8 of 2369 BC.

It's 90 leap days marked by Marduk 2009 BC as Noah's 1-01-966.

The Flood date of 10-01 by Moses marks the conception of Arpaxad when Shem rejoiced to see land, and ARpaxad was then born with the merge of venus and mars on April 4 of 2368 BC Noah's 7-01-601.

I have NOTHING published and i am about to die with 99% of the world.

Someone needs to take this info and preserve it thru Armageddon.

Someone needs to take it thru with the survivors, just like Moses who created an ark for writings.

There have survived no writngs in the ark sarcophagus of the astral observatory of the Great Pyramid, writings must survive in transport, on person.

Who will do it.

In this last hour i couldn't possibly preserve everything in my head or educate anyone in the short time remaining.

Please, do be the one to care.


EGYPTIAN CALENDAR DATES used by Saddam and Osama

2947 BC Aug 30 = Thoth 1 new year Babylon's miscalc of Noah's Flood 2945 BC Aug 29 = Thoth 1 new year as Marduk New Year;

Arpaxad father of Chaldea's birth new year 2770 BC July 17 = Thoth 1 new year (177 year Saturnalia after Flood) 2232 BC Oct 7 = Noah's 1-01-740 (185 epag days from Peleg Mesanipada 2269 BC not 185 leap days from 2953 BC which is Roman & Chinese year for Noah's Flood 1440 years before 1513 BC comet armageddon.

This year recognises 139 calendar years x360 days as 137 Julian from 2370 BC Flood, not 185 leap days of 740 years; nor 180 leap days of 720 years and then 5 days added. 2207 BC Feb 26 = Thoth 1 king of Ur, king Reu Aanipada (Babylon presumes is year 740, and presumes it is the death of Peleg Mesanipada (correclty 2232 BC and 2030 BC).

Reu Aanipada did become living father or Ur in 2030 BC until UrNammu created kingship again in 2009 BC when Reu was 230. 177 year Ur

Because Ur had the 360-day calendar not 365, kingship is Feb 28 = Noah's 10-01-764

Ur falls because Peleg Mesanipada its founder dies at 239 when Noah is 940 in 2030 BC 2030 BC July 12 = Epag 1 the correct true inauguration of 365-day calendar (claimed as Pamenot 1) 2030 BC July 17 = Pamenot 1 new year (177 year Saturnalia of Ur Chaldea) 2009 BC Jan 8 = Thoth 1 new year Marduk in gate looking SW at Tower of Babel with SW set of winter sun

This is based on 2945 BC Aug 29 being the Thoth 1 Marduk of Adam's 2256 AM the true 2256 AM is Hamurabi's 1770 BC Nov 9 Thoth 1 Marduk at Nimrod's death marked by July 10 Tamuz of Mars and there was no Thoth 1 new year Marduk before this year.

So babylon concludes it is Arpaxad's Marduk and concludes it is 936 years to 2009 BC as 3192 AM which is really 834 BC.... the Seder Olam Rabbah thinks Babylon's Marduk temple and Solomon's Jova temple is the same Jupiter Marduk.

The error is 200 years 1034-834 BC, and 1513-1313 BC. (new year is July 11 Pamenot 1 not Thoth 1; and July 8 Marduk is Noah's 1-01-966, it is NE rise of Mars with NE summer sun; it is on tower of Babel looking NE at gate.)

Ur-Nammu takes over Ur as king 108 year Ur falls (and the son of Arpaxad father of Chaldea is Shelah who dies in 1900 BC based on 2370 BC Flood) 747 BC Feb 26 = Thoth 1 new year Era of Babylon (Chaldea) honors kingship 2207 BC of Reu Aanipada 27 BC Feb 26 = Pamenot 1 27 BC Aug 30 = Thoth 1 new year 25 BC Feb 25 = Pamenot 1 25 BC Aug 29 = Thoth 1 new year fixed with leap day by Augustus Caesar( 284 AD Aug 29) = current COPTIC calendar, christian coptic, jewish coptic, ethiopian christians & Jews


Feb 26 W.T.C = bomb on this date was Gregorian not Julian revealing their primitive inaccurate calculations 2001 Sep 11 W.T.C. = is Julian Aug 29 the currently used Coptic New Year for Babylon in Egyptian calendar 2006 Jan 19/20 warning by Osama is Julian Xmass Jan 6/7 (venus pattern of 243 years repeats egyptian dates in 1458 years is WatchTower's date Jan 6 of 2369 BC the true Flood ?? ) 2006 March 10 is calendar date Pamenot 1, and March 11 is Julian Feb 26

a March 10 worm does exist in internet searching


747 BC Babylon Era New Year date Thoth 1 = Feb 26

This celebrates a New Year Thoth 1 for the kingship of the city Ur of Chaldea 2207 BC as the same date 1460 years earlier on Feb 26.

No leap day for 1461 calendar years (1461x365 days = 1460 Julian years) ; (185 leap days plus 180 leap days)

Babylon miscalculated Noah's Flood as 740 years before that, (185 leap days) when New Year Thoht 1 was August 30.

Today, Julian Aug 30 is our Gregorian September 12.

All chronologies regard the Marduk New Year as a calculation back to the Flood marking the birth of Noah's grandson as the world's first year.

Because there is a leap day in 2945 BC, the date of New Year Thoth 1 is August 29 which is our September 11.

IN EGYPT WE STILL HAVE A COPTIC CALENDAR which has leap day and it's New Year is September 11.

This Aug 29 was first fixed with a leap day in 25 BC by Octavian Augustus Caesar but didnt become acceptedly enforced until 284 AD.

Is this World Trade Center related.

It sure looks it because the first attack on the World Trade was on our Gregoiran Feb 26 of 1993 as if chosen by a subculture who didn't know that scholars who calculated Babylon's Feb 26 of 747 BC is NOT our Feb 26 but is March 11.

As if the bomb was meant for the date Pamenot 1 which is opposite the New Year Thoth 1, and celebrates the world's first king, the king of Ur of Chaldea.

However, because the Coptic calendar with New Year Thoth 1 on September 11 (Julian Aug 29) (once every 4 years it does fall on Sept 12, Julian Aug 30) the date Pamenot 1 falls on March 10 (Julian Feb 25) not March 11 (Julian Feb 26)

Search the electronic internet and you will see that someone has been developing a worm that has not succeeded on March 10 of 2002 and 2004.

Is its intent to wipe out World Trade deleting all data of the world thru the backdoor.

Any attempt could be far worse than the collapse of the World Trade buildings.

What can YOU do for yourself.

Don't collapse the market by removing your money.

Enough people do that and it could happen from fear and panic.

But without assets such as put your cash into tangible inventory, or hard cash or money orders, anything electronic could totally be destroyed forcing us to start over and create a new world of one currency.

EVERYTHING both debt and savings zero out if electronic.

So safely it would be wise to either buy inventory with all your cash, which you can sell after March 11 if it never happens.

Or you can withdraw just some of it, not causing a world collapse by a panic of removal out of stocks and banks.

Even if you only took out 10%, with the rest of the world laughing until they cry because it does happen, you would be richer than the rest of the world. Far fetched. See if it happens.

The Beast was struck and the the world worshipped that it was healed and it continued so that no one could buy or sell or world trade without the mark of that beast; a United Nations' forced control because of the worlds worst disaster.

But worse only until THE FALLING STAR HITS... thats when the true church is right while the united nations again says no its not gonna happen.

They like Pharaoh to Moses ignore that these predictions are happening so when are they ever going to prepare or help in such situations of worst disaster.

A Later Update

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 13:31:26 -0500
From: Richard ########
Subject: info to share

if you have info to share with me things that i do not know that will collaborate with what i know i would adore you for it. But to know youre of proper mind is proven to me if you too understand there are things i know to share with you, and with a proper mind you will understand them or at least ask about anything i say confusing you.

Major Genesis years. Judah was born in Adam's year 2256 being 1770 BC because it is when Narmer (Mena) Nimrod died as Babel's king of kings... no true power, just that he wa sthe only man left 500 years old. The actual king was Hamurabi who now says he is the king of kings. When Hamurabi dies in 1750 BC then Joseph is 17 and given the coat for a king of kings, competition with 20 year old Judah excused by the fact he is the legitimate first born son of the legitimate wife.

The Era chosen by Babylon as 747 BC you tell me is Toltec (wow thank you) it is derived with the debate of who will be Gods government a Chaldea knowing the stars, that is why it fixes two years. 1467 BC (720 years 180 leap days) as Israel's borders after 40 years in Sinai and 6 years to conquer. Also 2207 BC as 177-year Ur beginning with king Reu Aanipada son of Peleg Mesanipada. The role of the star Sothis being a year was noted in 2233-2232 BC. In a 360-day calendar from the birth of Peleg Mesanipada in 2269 BC this 36 years and 37 years would require 180 epagem days and 185 epagem days.

The years 2233 BC is Noahs 739 and the year 2232 BC is year 740, because 137 Julian = 139 x 360 days. Because 137 is not an even 4 year leap day, this cannot be used as precision it is a sub unit of the exact 480 Julian = 487 x 360 days. The point is that teh sothic nature of the exodus year as been mistaken as being sothic forward to us, or sothic back from greek days to exodus. Not so, the sothic recognition is exodus year back to Ur back to Flood. Babylon places it as 747 BC back to 1467 BC Israel, back to 2207 BC Ur, back to 2947 BC Flood. Yes 740 years from 2947-2207 BC as 185 leap days saying that Peleg Mesanipada died when Reu Aanipada became king. Not so, he died at the end of the 177 years not start of it. So that Reu Aanipada became the living father of Ur, replacement until UrNammu took over in 2009 BC when Babel paved Marduk Street. The real 740 is not 2207 BC (2947-2207) rather Noahs Flood year ending as year 601 plus 139 calendar years to be year 740 (2232 BC) is the year 601 plus 137 years after the Flood. 2369-2232 BC It is this year 2233-2232 that is 180 leap days to 1513-1512 BC as the exodus.

Rome and China use 720 + 720 = 1440 from 2953 BC Flood to 2233 BC to 1513 BC. if egyptian years without 360 leap days, we have 1514 BC starting the plagues and the explosion of Thera causing greek flood. This 1440 years 2953-2233-1513 BC is likewise matched by the end of the 40 years being Israels taking Canaan as 1473-753 BC Roman Era for Israel as new Chaldea. (6 year conquest 1467 BC) Simply the Hebrew 137 +720 and 720 + 137 = the 857 to Exodus that Moses says is Sothic. other years in history are this same way.

If Ur is 2207-2030 BC as 177 years then 2207-2020 BC is 187 years to Noahs year 955 occurring 350 years after the Flood. This is Pharaoh or making a house of kings in the year 350 a unification of kings after 350 years of no king but rather rule by gods, this ame year is also unification in the year 955 after 187 years of kings if counting from Ur's 2207 BC of Reu Aanipada. Dozens of more years done this same way of both calendars.

Then you have 3114 BC for Mayan Flood. take the venus tablets of 1626 BC May Venus and 1625 BC Dec Venus as Adams 2400 and 3600-year shar to the falling star in 6000. And you have all other chornologies reverse it as 3600 + 2400. The 1770 BC death of Nimrod Narmer Mena at Judahs birth is Adams 2256, but Maya say it is 3600. Amizaduga's Venus tablets is Noah's year 1344, add 2256 plus 1344 to get 3600, so Maya claim 1770 BC is the year 3600, Noahs 1344 back to Flood 3114 BC as 2256 back to Adam 5370 BC forward 2400 years after 1770 BC to Palenque king of kings in 630 AD. a venus 8 year difference from dates used for 622 AD mohammed from a 3122 BC Flood which note is 340 years to Egypts 365-day calendar as 2782 BC, but 340 years to Peleg's death (Flood 2370 BC - 2030 BC) ending the 177 year dynasty.

-- Richard

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