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"absolute veto power of negative evidence"
Trees Survive Catastrophe
Velikovsky So Wrong
Complete Refutation

Writes Leroy Ellenberger..

Because Velikovsky claimed that no trees survived the first Venus encounter in Worlds in Collision, astronomer Dennis Rawlins, in his "Freudian Astronomy" (excerpted to this list), proclaimed the survival of the bristlecone pines (whose extreme antiquity was known before the publication of Earth in Upheaval) a complete refutation of Worlds in Collision. When I first met Velikovsky on Palm Sunday 1978, the survival of the bristlecone pines was the first question on my list, to which the Good Doctor replied immediately with the aplomb of a Borscht Belt Comic: "So? They survived." Thereby exhibiting the Velikovskians' immunity to the absolute veto power of negative evidence!

3 Jul 2010 ellenberger

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