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The Sacred Mountain
by Charles H. Seitz

The cover story of Discovery magazine, June 2002 issue, of the Cable TV Discovery channel and internet computer website DISCOVERY.COM is the question: What really Killed the Dinosaurs? The article What Wiped Out The Dinosaurs? is by Edwin Dobb and concernss Jack Horner's discoveries during the last three years made while digging at Hell Creek site in Montana. He claims that he has uncovered evidence that it took a lot more than an asteroid to remove our favorite creatures from the face of the earth. He cites the dwindling of the diversity of plant life due to climatic changes long before the asteroid impact. It would take a very large asteroid to kill off the dinosaurs and the asteroid impact he refers to is the one that hit at Yucatan which was actually a very small asteroid.

Formation of the Sacred Mountain or Cosmic Pillar

There is, however, evidence that a very large asteroid hit the earth at the time of the demise of the dinosaurs and could be respnsible for their end. I came upon this conjecture from an entirely different direction at the time I was studyiong the results of the Geophysic Year. This was an effort right after WWII by all the nations of the world who wanted to participate by supplying money and scientists to map the bottom of all the oceans and seas. Their work revealed that there was running up and down the middle of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and all oceans and seas a trench accompanied on either side by ridges. As I sat pondering what this meant I relized that it indicated that the continents had been pulled apart by some gigantiiic force and that it had happened all at once and they have not moved since except for settling. Don't forget that the continents are made of rock. What would have the force to do this! A giant asteroid of course.

So I studied the globe. The first thing I noticed was that there was land at the South pole and no land at the North pole and that all the land was gathered around the North pole with ragged edges inside the Arctic circle. What does thiis tell you? Whatever foce was acting was acting along the axis from South to North. The next thing I did was try to return all the continental land to their original position. What I got was a single land mass around the South pole that existed roughly just below the equator. Pangea and Gowanda land are feeble attempts to do this both incorporating major mistakes; for instance, India was never separated from the Eurasian continent. The entire continent comes down with it to Madagascar, Saudi Arabia rotates clockwise and Spain counterclockwise. Southern California is not going out to sea but, instead, Northern California is coming inland to the SE. This could be proved by satelite mapping thus vaidating my whole theory. The land from Alaska to Florida between the San Andreas Fault in Caalifornia and a line that runs from Point Barrow, Alaska through through the Great lakes to the Chesapeake bay in Maryland comes SE into the Caribbrean.

Living with the Existing Cosmic Column or Polar Mountain or Axis Mundi

So, I have constructed a theory and this is the scenario: A large asteroid at high speed hit the Earth at the south pole which was not the South pole at the time and is still embedded there. This impact caused a mass of the Earth just under the mantle equal to the mass of the Moon which infact became the Moon to emerge at the North pole under the mantle to form a "mountain" one Moon diameter wide and two and a half diameters high that undulated and emitted water from the top which formed Vail's Canopy of ice crystals .When first formed the Mountain was not at the North pole but with the rotation of the earth soon found its epicenter and became the North pole. There was a hole in the Canopy at the North pole and everything inside the hole was the Cosmos. Sunlight gave an orange-red glow through the ice crystals and called the Holy Red Sea. The Autumn red and orange leaves of our trees reflect this. They could get more energy from the sun this way and green chlorophyll did not exist till after the fall of the canopy when it was needed for the stronger sunlight. The mountain penetrated the hole somewhat. and was worshiped as a deity. and called the Sacred Mountain. The Mountain was also known as Moses and as such parted the Red Sea. From the hole down to the surface of the Earth was called the Underworld depicted in myth and legend as either a cave, a grotto, a tomb, or womb (of mother earth) or manger or grave or Hell and this is what the interior of a church, the nave or apse is supposed to be. Some pews sit right over graves. In pictures of the wheel of Shamash ancient Sumerians depict Shamash sitting in a cave next to a pillar that reached nearly to the roof of the grotto. He was considered to be the Sacred Mountain or its alter ego. The three stars at the top are Mars, Venus and Saturn.

The Incas of Central America called the Earth a turtle because the Sacred Mountain looked like a turtle's protruding head. The Thunderbird of the Indians of the American West does not represent a thunderstorm as they say today but had its origin in representing the Sacred Mountain. In his book Art and Artist, Tudor Publishing NY 1932, Otto Rank has a chapter called Microcosm and Macrocosm whereby the Sacred Mountain was considered a Giant Man. He says that in the Edda the giant is Ymir, in the Inddo-Germanic Vedas the giant is Viraj, in the Rigveda the giant is Purvshu and in the teacings of Schopenhaur we are dealng with a "Makanthropos," meaning giant.

The giant Cosmic Sacred Mountain was considered to be a deity sometimes as a giant man through the concept of microcossm and macrocosm, so as in Heaven so as on Earth, and sometimes as a giant erect penis and the water coming out the top of thcosmic mountain was considered to be "God's" semen, the giver of life and the center and cause of all creation in the Universe. In Mongolia and in other oriental cultures god is worshiped as a giant erect penis and in their annual festival carry a giant blown up phallic symbol balloon reminiscent of a Macy's day parade. In the N.T. gospel of St.John it is said that In the begining was the "word" or in Greek the "Logus." This refers to the life giving semen coming from the top of the erect Sacred Mountain . At Easter time good Christians who go to church sing Hallelujah. This means that God is ejackulating in the sky. .This is good because it means all good things are being created and in Judaism it means their race as God's chosen people are being created to rule the world. They call it the seed.

When it rains here on Earth in the microcosm it is supposed to be a reflection of the sacred mountain in the macrocosm raining semen on earth. When mushrooms appear in the forest after a rain and look like tiny sacred mountains it is considered a result of God's semen raining on earth and the sacred mushrooms are worshiped as sacred objects and eaten. John M. Allegro in his book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, Doubleday, Garden city, NY 1970, says that the sacred Mushroom Amanita Muscaria contains three chemicals: LSD, a psychedelic hallucigenic drug, an emetic and laxative so strong it made the stomach bleed and some times caused death and an aphrodisiac like Spanish fly but actually muscarine and phallin. Christ's disciples belonged to this cult and that is why they spoke in foreign tongues. The mushroom was supposed to contain God's spirit and eating it was a sort of trial by fire test to see if one could survive. and pass God's test of your faith. In the Greek mystery religion cults naked girls passed around the mushrooms on trays to the male participants. What an orgy! Anothe practice they had which was also in the mithraic Mysteries was to be placed under an iron grillover which a bull was slain pouring blood on the participant below. See also R.Gordon Wasson's Soma: Divine mushroom of Immortality. The bull is another symbol of the Sacred Mountain, actually of Saturn atop it because of the horrn like crescent of Saturn above it in a stationary position in axial alignment with the Earth, but that is another story.

For the top half of the North Polar Configuration see David Talbott's Saturn Myth, Doubleday 1980. We are concerned here only with the bottom half. Be it noted, however, that the presence of a large planet like Saturn, and later Jupiter, with their strong gravitational pull allowed large animals to roam the Earth and the building of the pyramids with large blocks of stone very easy. You can date the time Saturrn, the water planet, left us to the great deluge of Noah's flood in 6000 BC because when an asteroid hit Saturn and it jet propelled itself to its present orbit it dropped its salt water on the Earth in the water's travel to the Sun. Also it dropped red iron oxide on the Earth as iron ore deposits coloring Mars red on its way. Mars also shows signs of water passing over it. Then Saturn gave out intense Ultra Violet rays that caused a jump in evolution to the Northern hemisphere fauna leaving Australia unscathed and a "zoo" sample of what anima;lls and plants were like on the whole rest of the Earth at the time.

The head of the amanita muscaria mushroom is red like Vail's canopy with the Sun on it, the Red Sea, like an umbrella opened up. The Sacred Mountain is the stem and the canopy is the mushroom cap: The giant man holding up the canopy or vault of heaven. It is also a symbol for coitus.

The next work I want to cite is the book by E.A.S.Butterworth "The Tree at the Navel of the Earth," Walter de Gruyter, Berlin 1970. It can be found at the U. of Penna, Museum of Anthropology Library or Van Pelt Library. You ask why I don't put my references at the end? I don't want to look scholarly. This is a chat and I want it to look like a chat. It is all speculation based on what I read and what I see. Let's see how close to the truth we can come. The tree of course is the Sacred Mountain and the Navel of the Earth the North pole. Christ was crucified on a wooden cross which was the sacred tree representing the Sacred Mt. The tree in the Garden of Eden was the Sacred Mt. and the snake was the comet protoplanet Venus. Butterworth states in his book that the story of Genesis was invented by the Patriarchs to gain greedy centralized political power as a parody on an old worldwide story whereby Man created himself. It was the old story of microcosmic man reflected as macrocosmic Man in the form of the Sacred Mountain as a giant man who created himself, the world and the Universe. Since Israel was a theocracy the patriarchal priests were really politicians and no less crooked than politicians are today. The message of Genesis is that women are evil. This was to discredit the opposition since religion at the time from time immemorial was in the hands of women and practiced democratically through shamans. Not were women discredited in Genesis but everything women stood for and everything they represented was declared evil and a sin such as nudity, sex, dancing, card playing, fortune telling, betting, gambling and generally having a good time by partying. In support of this view is the cover story in Harper Magazine March 2002 issue, "False Testament" Archeology refutes the Bible's claim to history by Daniel Lazare

My writing is brash, by self-description. look it up. My modus operandi is to be provocative. I just took a personality test on the internet at www.keirsey.com. Click on Keirney Temperment Sorter II. I am a Rationalist. They are less than 5 percent of the population but have done much to shape the world.

Butterwworth also explains the East Indian or Oriental Chankra which deals with the spinal column of the giant man that is the Cosmic or Sacred Mountain that is also man on Earth. BTW, did you know that statues or idols of Buddha are supposed to be the Sacred Mountain?. Along the spinal column of man there are five centers starting with the pelvic region, then up to the abdomen, the heart region in the thorax and thence to the head and above. The lowest are carnal, the heart emotional, the head and mind intellectual and above spiritual. There are two tubes running parellel to the spine. They are outside the spine but representative of it. In one the spirit and consciousness runs down and in the other it runs up inside it.

This can also be found in the Mithraic Mysteries. In his book "The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries" David Ulansey, Oxford University Press, NY 1989, shows the Mithraic icon.On the left the boy points his torch down and on the right the boy points his up. Of ccourse Mithras and the Bull are the Sacred Mountain and Saturrn comprising the North polar Configuration.

The idea of salvation is that the mountain fell down in 1500 BC creating havoc and chaos in the world. Religions of the world were created to counteract this and to restore the world to its former pristine peaceful nature. Some religions blame the immorality of man for this and preach that a return to morality will restore the former Garden of Eden. Other religions use this to explain the creation of the new World saying that the Giant Man broke up and became dismembered and from his parts sprang a new Heaven and Earth thus the creation story. Man created himself including the World and the Universe.

Frazer in his twenty volume book "The Golden Bough" tells of mistletoe, like the sacred mushroom Amanita Muscara of the Middle East, being the sacred plant that was the centrer of all pre-Christian European pagan cults. It too represented the sacred Mountain.

Sir Arthur Evans who unearthed the palace at knossis on the island of Crete also found on Crete worship sites of the Sacred Mountain which he explains in his book "The Myceaean Tree and Pillar cult" Macmillan, London 1901. They were plots of ground about an acre or less surrounded by a fence. The shrine itself was small located in the middle and built like a grotto with a pillar or tree that reached nearly to the ceiling and attended by a woman and shaman. Sometims you could see a face of a goddess on the pillar. Later Greek temples were built modeled on them such as the Parthenon. The perimeter fence became the outside colonnade and the shrine became the inner court and the pillar was replaced by a statue of Zeus. Some say Zeus is the planet Jupiter, oriiginally Saturn but later Jupiter. but I like to think of Zeus being the Mountain, the bottom half under the planet whether Saurn or Jupiter.

From the book, "Evans holds that about the middle of the second millenium BC and later a cult existed in the Meiterranean countries and the neighboring lands of the Near East which centered around a pillar or round a pillar associated with a tree or a pillar designed as a shaft bearing an elongated lotus flower or a column from which foliage issues at the top or which is flanked by foliate patterns or simply round as a tree alone. This pillar or tree in what Evans holds to be its later phases takes on an anthropomorphic shape. Sometimes the whole pillar or more commonly its upper part is shooting forth rays of light."

This suggests that the lotus position of oriental yoga practice is insspired by the former existence of the sacred Mountain.

Some other names for the Sacred mountain are: Altar, Adam, Man, Amen, World Pillar, Cosmic Pillar, Aten, Axis Mundi, Tree of Life, the Caduceus of Hermes or doctor's symbol, the Omphalos, City hall, the Crucifix or Cross,. The Egyptian Pharoah's title was Rameses, the North Polar Configuration, where "Ra" was the night Sun planet Saturn and Meses was the Sacred Mountain or bottom half. Since the Israelites were not allowed to pronounce the name of God, Yahweh and Ra both being saturn, they called their leader in the desert ...Meses or Moses. Moses is the Sacred Mountain.

Because the Earth turns the bottom of the Sacred Mountain was twisted. Plato reports that the Egyptian priests called the Sacred Mountain the continent of Atlantis which slipped into the sea or Atlantic Ocean giving it its name. They called the twists canals.

Jacob's ladder was the Sacred Mountain as well as Jacob himself being also the Sacred Mountain. The Sacred Mountain was a common theme that ran through everything.

The Demise of the Sacred Mountain

8000 years ago after Saturn exploded, dumped its salt water in Noah's flood, Noah being the Sacred Mountain and Saturn the Ark, sent out a stream of iron oxide that colored Mars red and deposited iron ore on the Earth, gave a burst of Ultra Violet radiation to the Earth's Northern latitudes that gave a jump to evolution and it and Jupiter left to go to their new orbits. With the loss of their gravitational pull, the Sacred Mountain sagged and hovered Southward over the Atlantic ocean toward the Bermuda triangle. It took the new name of Atlas who in a cruched position held up the vault of heaven such that it could be seen from Egypt beyond the Pillars of Hercules, the strait of Gibraltar. In Morocco their mountains are called the Atlas range. This crouch is also reflected in the icon of the Mithraic Mysteries showing Mithras as he slays the Bull with one knee bent. The Bull being Staturn and Mithras being the Sacred Mountain. The word "Bull" means foot or bent knee. The symbol for Saturn is a bent knee and the symbol for the Astological sign Capricorn and constellation whose ruling planet is Saturn is a goat on one bent knee. The constellation Orion, the ruler of the Great Pyramid at Giza is on one bent knee. In the Masonic Lodge the initiate in re-enacting the tauroctomy or slaying of the Bull reiterated in the slaying of Hirum in Solomon's Temple by a thief who wanted the secret handshake inorder to extort money is forced down on one knee and his one pantlag torn. Ref: King solomon's Temple by E. Raymond Capt.

The Sacred Mountain Gets Knocked Down

Unconventional wisdom has it that when Saturn exploded in 6000 BC it knocked Venus out of the red spot of Jupiter as a white hot flaming comet that took an elliptical course that with every orbit came closer to the Earth. It picked up Mars on the way and they played tag with each other.until one of them hit the Earth in 1500 BC when Joshua's Sun stood still in the sky. The passage of Venus buzzing the Earth opened up the deep sea trenches and let hot Magnum or lava through that solidified on contact with the cold sea water forming ridges along the trenches on either side parallel to the trenches. The Earth's magnetic orientation was frozen in the magnum of the ridges. Each stripe of ridge has an opposite orientation indicatiing that possibly Mars was going in the opposite direction. The ridges go out laterally from the trenches so far and abruptly stop when Venus ceased being a comet. I say it was Venus and not Mars that missed the Earth but hit the Mountain because Venus lost momentum and took the inner orbit.The Sumerians had a number system based on twelve because the year had 360 days. The impact slowed the Earth to 365.25 days but the circle still has 360 degrees to this day. Going by the laws of the gyroscope the Earth rotated with the impact about 90 degrees and returned 12 degrees from it original position to form a new Norrth pole. A famous geologist, I am sorry but I forget his name, said to me that the former North pole was at Baffin island, Canada. That would mean that the asteroid that embedded itself at the South pole is 12 degrees off the present South pole opposite S.A.

Because the Earth turns the Mountain actually twisted off. Since the continents make up only about 37 percent of the Earth's surface, where is the missing land mass? It is wrapped around the back of the Moon. The face of the Moon is an "ess" shaped scar where it twisted off and why the land around the North pole is jagged and that there is no land at the North pole. Because the Moon is asymetrical in density the scar always faces the Earth.When the Moon twisted off under the Earth's mantle it formed two legs that acted as a compass describing a circle. One leg was located in Northern Europe and acted as a pivot while the other leg attached to Barrow's Point Alaska took a clockwise arc Northward pulling Alaska with it and almost breaking its neck. This explains the deep sea trench in the Pacific ocean just off the coast of North America that goes up along California to Alaska and then and then veers West at a right angle. In twisting off the leg at Alaska lifted up the North American continental mantle at Canada and emptied out the inland sea which flowed out at Baja, Mexico gouging out the Grand Canyon in a matter of hours. The petrified forest was created by ligning bolts from Jupiter in a matter of minutes. Where lightning bolts from Jupiter hit the Earth it coalesced spots in the ground that resisted the rush of water and leaving in the S.W. desert what arre called mesas that have become tourist attractions and gaunt reminders of the past.

Giorggio de Santillena and Hertha Von Dechend wrote a book "Hamlet's Mill" Boston, Gambit 1969, where they describe the Sacred Mountain as a giant mill at the North pole grinding out salt and finally slipping into the Atlantic ocean.

Some claim the Moon was captured. If so, it would have started far away and small and taken a long time to get here and when it did it would have had a lot of momentum and been violent.It appeared suddenly and it was large and quiet. A Roman writer, Livey, Ovid or Cicero, said that there were tribes in Northern Italy who remember a time when there was no Moon. Also tribes in the Amazon and the South Pacific remember a time when there was no Moon. This was reported in the Poncee Journal edited by David Talbott who wrote the Saturn Myth.

When Venus hit the Sacred Mountain it knocked snow and ice off of its top onto North America, Europe and Siberia inundating giant mammoths grazng in the field of Siberia as they ate uncovered only recently in a well preserved state. Reference: The Extinction of the Mammoths by Charles Ginenthal, Journal of Myth, History and Science, Vol III, Nos.2 & 3 , 65-35 108th Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375. When this ice melted in NY state the runoff ran North. The Finger Lakes and the St.Lawrence run North putting in question the Ice Age.

When flaming Venus went over the North pole it set the top of the world on fire laying down coal fields and possibly petroleum deposits. It reduced the oxygen content of the atmoxsphere from 30 pecent to 20 percent. Opening ancient Egyptian containers showed an oxygen content of 30 percent. Venus then boiled off twenty feet of ocean water that came down at the poles as ice. I understand that it never rains or snows in Antarctica so the ice cap must have been laid down this one time. The southern Ice caps several miles thick. Venus then flew low over Egypt burning down their houses because they were made of wood and not those of the Israelites because they were made of brick which event they now celebrate as Passover. They considered Venus a messenger of Saturn their god Yahweh.

After the Moon was released the rest of the Sacred Mountain fell into the North Atlantic ocean to become the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada, good for fishing. The rest fell into the Bermuda Triangle forming the Sargasso Sea Basin and certain craters in the Carolinas that can be seen from an airplane.

Another book to refer to is ARKTOS, The Polar Myth, by Joscelyn Goodwin, Phanes Press 1993, Grand Rapids, Michigan. on page 89 it mentions the Sacred Mountain and on page 65 it says the Egyptians knew it as the Northern Mountain. Otherwise the book is esoteric and discusses conspiracy theories but is factual about cultic and political monements.

On another note, I have photocopies of an article I got from a book with pictures and text but my notes make no reference to the source. It is about the St. Miichael-Apollo Axis, After the demise of the Sacred Mountai and Saturn man tried to recreate them. St. Michael in France is a shrine on top of a large mountainous hill where the shrine is Saturn and the hill represents the former Sacred Mountain. There are 14 of them stretching from the Holy land to S.W. Ireland. St.Michael is the European Appolo. and they are in a straight line. They all look alike. Starting with the temple to Appollo on Mount Carmel then Lindos, Delos, , Athens, Kerkyras, Mont Sant Angelo, Momte Goorgamo, Perugia, San Michael at Castiglionee di Garfagnana, Sagra di San Michele, Bourges and the famous Mount St. Michel, then St.Michael's Mount in England and ending with Skellig Michael in Western Ireland. How or why they built them and how they got them in a straight line I do not know but the most amazing thing of all is that the line or axis points straight to Baffin Island the former base site of the Sacred Mountain.

The demise of the Sacred Mountain is the story of creation. The Mayans of South America said that there were four creations but I know nothing of that. In Art and Artist Otto Rank says on page 208 " In the Edda we are told that the world was made from the parts of the body of the dismembered giant Ymir:

From Ymir's flesh was the world made;
From the legs the mountains, and the heavens from the skull
of the icy giant and from his sweat the seas.


In 1500 BC the Greeks went from a cosmology of Titans living on Mount Olympia to anthropmorphic gods that represented planets. Could Mt. Olympus have been the Sacred Mountain and the change in their cosmology significant of the fall of the Sacred Mountain and the birth of the Moon. Is the Moon Palla Athena?

In his book "Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come" The ancient Roots of Apocallyptic Faith, Yale University Press1993, Norman Cohen talks of change that took place in 1500 BC. While the Sacred Mountain existed the anciient people were happy with their peaceful cosmos. They called it their Golden Age, in retrospect, the Garden oof Eden. After the Mountain fell down there was chaos, floods, storms, lightning, migrations,famine and wars. The people wanted to stop the travails of the new Heaven and Earth and return to the glory of the way things were before the fall of the Sacred Mountain. In the ancient mentaality it was believed that if you imitated something you could control it and undo it. They wanted to resurrect the Sacred Mountain, actually the whole North Polar Confiiguration and have it again to rule over them.The ancient pagan cults imitated the fall of the Sacred Mountain in a ceremonial rite they called human blood sacrifice and burnt offering,

A victim was placed on an altar which represented the Sacred Mountain and slain and burnt. then pieces of the victims boody were passed around among those gathered there and eaten.This practice still exists today symbolically in the Eucharist communion service in the eating of the bread and drinking the wine and in saying grace at mealtime. Then among the religious movements that replaced and suppressed the pagan cults there arose a certain Zoroaster who decided that it was the immorality of man that caused the Sacred Mountain to fall. He called this immorality the force of evil and that Good and Evil were in a constant struggle. He said that some day there would be a war and that good would triumph and the Golden Era would be restored. Christ as the Sacred Mountain would be resurrected. While the Israelites believed that the New Restored World would be on Earth sometime in the future and that they would rule over it as the Chosen People of their God while the Christians believe that the new world would be in Heaven after you die and that the other people would be gotten rid of by being burned in Hell. Christians would be in Paradise alone with all the other good people and that all the ungodly would perish. While all this sounds grandiose the belief that you belong to an "in" group fosters hatred, racism, intolerance, punishment and wars. The apocalyptic faith also prevents one from taking responsiibility for oneself and a tendency to blame others for one's own faults and to punish or sue them or put themi in jail or even give them capital punishment.

Julian Jaynes in his book, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind," Houghton Mifflin, Boston 1976, speaks about the mentality of these ancient people. Their idols of their gods which they worshiped spoke to them and they heard "voices" in their head, presumably in their left hemisphere. These voices told them what to do and society was well ordered and peaceful and they were absolved of all responsibility for their behavior. Since these idols were supposed to be representative of the Sacred Mountain it too must have spoken to them and it must have made a buzzing noise which is known for stimulating voices in the head. From my experience in psychtherapy I know that early childhood traumatic events can be relived in full recall and experienced as voices in the head. Without the buzz noise the idols soon stopped doing that and they became confused and unhappy. They had to learn to be self-determined. This claims Jaynes was the origin of consciousness in man. He therefore reasoned that, before this, ancient man was unconscious.

If the Apocalyptic Faith wants us to return to this former state of bliss and sterility I say, why would anyone want to go back into a state of insanity. It is sheer madness!

I do not know what killed off the dinosaurs but if it were an asteroid this one would have done it.

Charles H.Seitz

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