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Venus from Jupiter

The idea that Venus was expelled out of Jupiter is an idea first entertained (in modern times, as apposed to antiquity) by Velikovsky, and based on the Greek notion (in antiquity) that Athena (Venus) jumped fully armed from Saturn's skull or forehead. This was justified on the basis of the "red spot" of Jupiter which has been noted since about the 16th century.

This is hardly plausable, for a number of reasons. There have been attempt to suggest that some asteroid crashed into Jupiter to cause a chunk of Jupiter's crust to be expelled at the opposite side. But the escape velocity (in any case) would have been enormous for the proto-Venus to have completely escaped Jupiter and go into an independent orbit around the Sun. The escape velocity for Earth is 40,000 miles per hour. The escape velocity of Jupiter is in excess of 200,000 miles per hour.

I cannot imagine an impact that would transmit an impact in excess of 200,000 miles per hour to the other side of Jupiter, especially since an impact would have spread the forces into a 120 degree cone if the core of Jupiter is rocky, as all other planets are. There are 'bumps' at the other antipodal locations of what look like impacts on other planets, as for example on the Moon (Orientale Basin), and on Mercury (Caloris Basin). But it is more likely that these represent shockwaves traveling circumferentially around these planets and meeting at the opposite location.

To suggest, on the other hand, that Jupiter just expelled Venus as a mass ejection runs into problems of what the mechanism might be, Certainly there would be a massive amount of secondary debris expelled also. But Jupiter has only negligible ring system -- if we compare to Saturn's rings, which have been telescopically seen from Earth for hundreds of years. Jupiters rings were not seen until recorded by space crafts.

To suggest that the rings are very old, and the expulsion happened millions of years ago, doesn't make sense either. For if the Greeks recorded that Venus appeared out of Jupiter's head, then we have a satellite of Jupiter suddenly released to travel around the Sun some time in the past during human history.

Saturn is a much more likely source for Venus. The best estimate for when this could have happened would be about 4200 BC, as recorded (but without the date) in the Maya "Chilam Balam" -- and not once, but twice in different sections of the books. It is the 'sceptor' held by God the Father when he is born, and the "Serpent of Life" held by Oxlahun-ti-ku who without a doubt is Saturn. Archeologists have also identified the "Serpent of Life," shown in later Maya iconography, as Venus. The predynastic "Palette of Narmer" can be read the same way.

The appearance of Venus from the head of Saturn is the visual image of Venus rounding Jupiter in 3147 BC. This sequence, in fact, is the only model which allows Venus to assume a path around the Sun after the breakup of the 'polar configuration.' This assumes also, that Venus, after the earlier expulsion from Saturn, ended up circling the mass centroid of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn (and thus at about the level of Neptune), well away from the repulsive impacts which moved all these planets to outer orbits -- either out of range of the plasmasphere of Jupiter or shielded by its location behind Neptune.

Of course this substitutes one narrative with another. But the alternative, that Venus was a recent mass expulsion of Saturn rather than Jupiter, does a much better job of adjusting to the 'mythological' details which we have on hand. The only basis for suggesting a Jovian mass expulsion are the existence of the Red Spot and an observation by the Greeks of antiquity. The point is, however, that the expulsion from Jupiter is a dead issue.

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