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The Electric Universe model is broadly dismissed as pseudoscience by scientists. Indeed, its Wikipedia entry "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Universe_model" was recently deleted after users successfully argued that it did not constitute a legitimate theory.

-- Wired, 2005-08-02

"It's complete cobblers," said Dr. David Hughes, comet expert and professor of astrophysics at Britain's University of Sheffield. "Absolute balderdash."

Crudely put, for astronomical material to be charged electrically, it must be in the form of hot ionized gas, otherwise known as plasma, Hughes said.

"The inside of a comet has a typical temperature of minus 100 Celsius," he said. "Electricity on the surface of a comet? Forget about it. It's not a contender."

Scientists from NASA's Deep Impact investigation team declined to comment on specific observations made by the Thunderbolts group.

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