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Planet X, the Dark Star

Planet X, or alternately 'Nemeses', or 'Nibiru' after Sitchin, or some such interloper, is the topic at Andy Lloyd's website, to be followed by a book titled "The Dark Star."

Following is a brief quote from the opening page of the website.

".. the potential for a small brown dwarf to be found orbiting the Sun is not only scientifically plausible, but would enable us to tie up a great number of loose ends in ancient religion and mythology."

"The recent discovery of the minor planet Sedna lends credence to this claim on a number of levels. I have now updated this theory substantially, moving closer to Zecharia Sitchin's own previous work but also incorporating a swath of new scientific findings into an elegant new hypothesis."

-- [http://www.darkstar1.co.uk]

As I have pointed out, the small brown dwarf was Saturn. Sedna is a very small rock which will hardly answer to the requirements. A more likely 'companion' to the Sun is the star Sirius, but way too far away to have any effect.

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