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I think Clube and Napier's meteors are just a crock. Nothing is proven, no evidence need to be brought forward or will be found, yet it seems to cover the inexplicable mythology of the remote past (and ignoring six changes in the Earth's orbit). [See a review at Contrary Books.]

And what is the pressing need to do so (three books!) except that there is a remote suspicion on their part that Talbott and Velikovsky might be correct.

I have much better evidence of giant 'meteor' swarms (they will be asteroids) for the period of 32,000 to 10,000 BC -- in graphic depictions and numbers, including inter-asteroid arcing!

Quoted from your email, this is another lovely one:

"... how Phaethon's "ride" and fall can be explained in terms of a post-perihelion comet on an Encke-like orbit (and accompanying debris) encountering Earth at sunrise and passing very closely BEHIND us such that it would appear to rise for five hours, then appear to stand still for half an hour while doubling in diameter and then crashing to the horizon in 15 minutes."

Phaethon's ride (despite Ovid's poetry) took 40 days, from June 15 through July 25, 685 BC (Gregorian seasonal dates). Pick that out from the Sibylline Star Wars document [set an ephemeris up for 685 BC]. The data is duplicated in the Chilam Balam, which in fact supplies the 40 day interval.

Kobres is full of shit. It is I who can "account for all aspects of the Phaethon story with [a] physical model" -- see my website. [at http://saturniancosmology.org]


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