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$Revision: 1.30 $ -- A note about this site: I am working with another enthusiast, who, like me, has his own 'main' site. We both wanted to present resources in the area of catastrophism and alternative cosmologies. Presented below are lists of books, reviews of some, suggestions for others.

Selected Reviews

  • [Worlds in Collision] by Immanual Velikovsky, 1950, in three paragraphs; annotated to make sense. Original descriptive text by Alfred deGazia. Very short.

  • [Reviews of Worlds in Collision] gathered by Duane Vorhees. More extensive.

  • ["The reaction to Velikovsky"] A reasoned recap of the history and efforts of Velikovsky, is provided by James P. Hogan in an essay which can be found here. In Section 5 the antics of the objections to Velikovsky become theater. From a book of collected essays by Hogan, Kicking the Sacred Cow (2004). See his site at [www.jamesphogan.com] for more.

  • [Cosmic Heretics] Brian Moore's review of Alfred De Grazia's book of 1984. "the most continually engrossing of all de Grazia's books to date -- particularly for the non-specialist as it tells a fascinating story, replete with an all-star cast of remarkable characters."

  • ["Breathtaking nonsense"] Clube and Napier's meteor and comet book, The Cosmic Serpent (1982): some critical notes.

  • [An incomplete review of] The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes (2006), by Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith, which proposes a galactic supernova as the source for the destruction at the start of the Younger Dryas. I stopped the write-up in 2009.

  • [The Chinese in America] 1421, the year China discovered America (2002) by Gavin Menzies. Interesting reading of a narrative built on the supposition that the Chinese Treasure Fleet circumnavigated the globe decades before the Europeans did so. The supporting data is slim at times, and dead wrong at other times, and there are a few other complaints, but overall it is very interesting reading, demonstrating the use of a retro-analytical method of investigation.

  • [Thoth Newsletter] Probably the most interesting and informative of documents on the web dealing with the Saturnian Polar Configuration, written during the formative period in the theoretical development from 1997 to 2004. Originally at 'Kronia.com', but since March of 2010 the site has been scuttled. Alternate sets of documents are available [SaturnianCosmology.org] and at [OtherGroup.net].

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