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.. these are text files ..

These are a set of directories with text files collected under 140 topics. The directories generally have no index files, so you will simply get a listing and you may click on whatever looks interesting.

There are some 9000 text files currently -- 20 million words, plus some images. Many are unsorted, filed under the wrong topic, or duplicated. And the collection is not stable; I get rid of sources which no longer of interest me, replace files with better ones, and periodically change the list of topics.

Almost all the saved files are presented as text files -- I save them like that because they are smaller, and I don't have to deal with badly written HTML, graphics, java, impossible tables, and other crap. Some are html files though. There are (mostly) no image files.

.. a list of categories ..

[Absu] [John Ackerman] [Africa] [alternatives] [Halton Arp] [Albuquerque 2013] [Asteroid Belt] [Ancient Astronomy] [Atoms] [Zend Avista] [Baalbek] [babylon] [Baltimore 2011] [barrows] [bible] [bigbang] [biology] [EU blog topics] [bronze] [calendar] [Dwardu Cardona] [Carnac] [Carolina] [catastrophy] [Çatalhöyük] [Cave Art] [Chicxulub Crater] [Chilam Balam] [China] [clovis] [Clube and Napier] [Ev Cochrane] [comets] [Dennis Cox] [critics] [Crop Circles] [culture] [cupmarks] [dating] [Alfred deGrazia] [Vine Deloria] [Denderah] [Dionysus] [continental drift] [Younger Dryas] [Duat] [earth] [eclipses] [Edda] [Egypt] [Egypt-literature] [electric] [evolution] [Exodus] [Earth expansion] [explosions] [extinctions] [figurines] [flood] [Flu] [Fries] [Geerts] [geology] [Gilgamesh] [glaciers] [Gobekli Tepe] [Graaff] [Grand Canyon] [gravity] [Great Lakes] [Greeks] [Hamlet's Mill] [henges] [history] [Ted Holden] [Homer] [humans] [impacts] [ice cores] [Inca] [India] [Iraq] [Izapa] [Julian Jaynes] [Raph Juergens] [Kalevala] [kings] [Kish] [Kronia] [Kronos Magazine] [Kugler] [Kurgan] [language] [Las Vegas 2012] [Dewey Larson] [Laughlin 2001] [James Legge] [Lepenski Vir] [Ley Lines] [lightning] [list of links] [magnetic] [Malta] [Mars] [Maya] [McLean] [Mr. Wallington] [Mercury] [Mesoamerican] [Mesopotamia] [meteors] [Mithra] [moon] [mounds] [weird stuff] [myth] [Nasca Lines] [Neanderthals] [New Madrid] [NewYork 1997] [Oera Linda] [Olmecs] [Pacific] [Patten] [Peratt] [petroglyphs] [Phaethon] [Phoenix] [planets] [plasma] [plates] [Polar Configuration] [Polpol Vu] [Pottery] [precession] [pyramids] [Reciprocal System] [religion] [Jan Sammer] [Saturn] [Steve Schorr] [science] [Don Scott] [Sheela Na Gigs] [SIS] [Snyder] [space] [Sitchin] [axial spin] [Squater Man] [Sumer] [Sun] [tablets] [David Talbott] [Taoism] [Thunderbolts] [tech] [Temple-1] [Tim Thompson] [Wal Thornhill] [Thoth Newsletter] [Titan] [Tunguska] [Tzolkin] [Uruk] [Ussher's Chronology] [Velikovsky, Assyrian] [Velikovsky, Dark Ages] [Velikovsky, Einstein] [Velikovsky, Unpublished] [Immanuel Velikovsky] [Venus] [W.T. Wallington] [weather] [who is who] [Clyde Winters] [writing] [Young Earth]

.. you can search the archive..

It is possible to search the files for key words. A search will return a list of clickable links to the directory and file names containing the words searched for. Searches are case insensitive, and you may use partial words or phrases, but the phrase must be exact. See the [search] page.

.. set yourself up for easy reading ..

Suggestion: Set your default font to something pleasant and readable (not the default terminal font) -- and reduce size to where the text will fit your window. All files are 80 spaces wide.

.. finding original sources ..

Sources are often not listed, due to the neglect of the original authors in listing a source URL with the page. Your best bet is to take some relevant phrase from the beginning of a paragraph of text -- and make a web search (placed in quotation marks). If the file still exists on the web, you will find it quickly -- and have access to all of the original domain.

.. more links ..

There are additional links shown on the [links page].
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