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Recovering the Lost World,
A Saturnian Cosmology -- Jno Cook

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For Claudia George, who said,
"Write a history of everything."

About This Book

This book presents a cosmology based entirely on the supposition that our coherent worldwide mythology is history rather than creative fiction writing in antiquity.

As a result, this text is about the catastrophes experienced by Earth in remote antiquity and also in more recent times. Some have been unbelievably destructive, which has been recognized recently by archaeologists in their investigation of the event at the start of the Younger Dryas period.

The text will tell what in remote antiquity suggested to humans the idea of an afterlife, why the gods of more recent times were conceived of as real, and how phenomena experienced thousands of years ago are still reflected today in politics and religions.

I will attempt to address the development of religious notions, the cultural icons of antiquity, and will attempt to make sense of the strange behavior and concerns of our ancestors.

This text will also explain the diversity of Solar System planets, and the geological features of the Earth. Lastly, the text will also tell how the length of the year changed repeatedly, and how the axial inclination of the Earth changed.

What will not be suggested are alien intervention, exploding meteors, or collisions with other planets. This text is also not about religion or theology. It's about history.

It is a history that mainstream academics do not deal with, in spite of the fact that all the information presented here is readily available, and remains within the scope of physics and accepted chronology. It simply needs to be reconstructed. That is the task I have undertaken.

The first section will assert the thesis that worldwide mythology is history and it will give the philosophy behind this alternative cosmology. The next section deals with accepted archaeology. The third section explores the most ancient history -- the oldest records of Mesopotamia and Egypt. After that we are into modern history. The last section starts with the Flood of Noah and ends with the destructions in the 8th and 7th century BC.

This text was written continuously over a ten-year period between 2001 and 2011, although often in short pieces and bursts of inspiration as data was fit to an established chronology. The text is about the length of War and Peace, and it can be read in 40 or 50 hours or in a month of evenings, perhaps by reading a chapter per night. The narrative themes are developed one at a time and are presented mostly in historical order.

It is a long book, because the events of the last 10,000 years are complex, and because I needed to set them out one by one against the story of the past as it has been handed down to us. If you are looking, for example, for evidence of the Noachian Flood, you will find the information spread over four chapters, and alternately denied and asserted. The real history of this world is not simple.

Yes, there was a flood. In fact, there were two massive floods, and a third metaphorical flood with a lot of rain. It is this last which is known to us as the Flood of Noah. It was very impressive, involving a dragon or a deadly goddess, blood everywhere, and the resurrection of God.

You can skip some chapters and return to them later. The text is clearly divided between what is based on Mediterranean and related sources, and what is based on Mesoamerican sources. These latter are almost entirely from post-invasion documents, although based on very old codexes which are now lost to us.

The Mesoamerican sources are radically different from the oldest history of Egypt and Mesopotamia and yet they entirely validate the Mediterranean sources. It is almost beyond belief to think that the records of a Stone Age people could completely verify the chronology derived from Mediterranean sources and provide additional details like seasonal calendar dates. It is also hard to believe how the Mesoamerican records apparently start in 40,000 BC as can be verified from parallel radio-carbon data.

Speculation, Changes, and Proof

I have done little more than connect the details of research by others, which I reference in the first chapters. As a result, very little of the following essay is speculative. Almost all of it can be backed up with currently available data and the theories of "Cosmic Electrodynamics." This last is otherwise known as plasma theory, which is based on long-standing concepts in electricity and field theory, and data gathered with space probes. But don't worry, I'll keep it simple.

Any speculation will be identified as such. More will be based on common sense and intuition. I'll detail my methods in a later chapter.

There have been numerous changes to this text, for many facets of the past have only slowly revealed themselves over the span of the last 10 years. But the changes are almost all in details. The overall narrative has remained the same since 2003.

And I'm not done yet: I have to move the source of the world flood to the South Pole; I have to consider which planet was responsible for destructions in the northern regions of earth. I have to move the first sighting of the southern ball plasmoids back to 10,900 BC.

Last, the reader will be looking for proof of my claims. Proof of specific ideas is at times overwhelming and at other times very sparse. But the strongest indication for the validity of the overall claims made here lies in the fact that the complete set of ideas explains almost all mythology with great ease, including many concepts which have remained entirely obscured under uniformitarian consensus and even ideas which have remained inexplicable to alternative cosmologists despite years of investigations.

Who I Am

I should mention who I am, and what drove me to write this text.

First, I am a visual artist (sculpture, installations), living in Chicago where I have taught photography for years. But I also have a background in electrical engineering, cinematography, public administration, and programming, and a curiosity dating back a lifetime. More information is available at my website, [jnocook.net].

Second, I researched and wrote this text mainly because a comprehensive narrative of events and a plausible physical explanation were lacking in the literature of catastrophism and alternative cosmologies. This is a void I have been attempting to fill over the last decade, initially for my own benefit. The text of the narrative is based on a carefully derived chronology and a celestial mechanics which has remained within accepted boundaries of physics.

Why This Text Is Presented on the Internet

This text is presented on the internet as webpages. The advantage of a web site is that it can be easily changed, added to, corrected, and expanded, while simultaneously having all of the ideas publicly available. The alternative of publishing this in printed book form would delay the availability, limit distribution to a select few, and allow no updates. And by going public I have been forced to complete the investigation and have been under pressure to make all of it coherent. Amazingly, additional details keep coming forward as the edits continue.

What Others Say

A few comments from readers, via infrequent emails.


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-- Portland, Oregon,
January 21, 2012

Special thanks for editorial assistance and word editing to Claudia George, Danford Vander Ploeg, Natan Rothstein, Kevin Widen, Kim Gibson, Jean Hafner, Maggi Thickstun, Roger Poisson, and Hathor. Very special thanks to Kees Cook for book production.

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